Thank you again for submitting You Gotta Be Kidding Us,  to this year’s We Can’t Produce That Festival.  We were shocked at the amount of money you must think we have based on the submission we received. Choosing 8 plays from over a gazillion submissions is no easy task, but it was made easier when we read your play and discovered you were out of your mind. 
We thank you for that.
A great number of the submissions were of a very cheap production cost and I am not sorry to tell you that none of your pieces have been selected on this occasion. We couldn’t do this play if we wanted to.  Hell, we couldn’t do your play if you strapped a pile of cash to a brick and threw it in our front window at:
5455 Wickamore Lane 
NY, New York 1bunchazeroes1
between Please and Thank You aves.

Your imagination is huge.
That is inconvenient for theater.
Next year try to write something that would make producing your play more manageable. Might we suggest a play about two people talking on a park bench.  Or two people talking at a bus stop.  Or two people talking at a cafe table.  You know, something predictable.  Then you might maybe have a snowball’s chance.
K, Thanks
Kelli Ng & Thea Terre

6 comments on “#8

  1. Kelly Gamble says:

    How about two people talking from the ledge of a building?
    Thanks for the letter, AG!

  2. LOL, this made me laugh, thanks for that. I love the “it’s good enough but it’s not ‘good’ enough” response.

  3. Elisa says:

    LOL! You are soooo awesome! I love people with big imaginations :0)

  4. líaa says:

    Hahaha i know exactlyyyY what you mean….theaters are afraid to do plays that arent safe and seem like theyre gonna cost money…but anything is possible in theater! Even on a budget of zero dollars!

  5. chickymara says:

    Personally, I think plays about two people sitting on a bench are so last year.

  6. melynda says:

    Being a big imagination fan myself I say screw ’em and move on. lol You’ll make it keep trying.
    Thanks for stopping by today. Elisa is one of my favorite all time people in the world. She’s basically an 80’s rock star trapped in a conservative body. Love it. Makes for some real fun.
    Hope all goes well for you and absolutely keep stopping by.. Love to keep up with you. Will be following,.

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