Since When Did Monsters Get So Pretty?

What won’t I be for Halloween, you ask?

The things I do for a laugh you guys.

Yes, that is a swiffer in my hands. I think the 21st century witch would upgrade their broomstick.

Speaking of upgrades,

Is it just me or are Vampires getting prettier and prettier?

How did we go from this:

To this:

I mean, I’m all for upgrading the idea of monsters, but where will it end?  Next thing you know, we’ll be making vampires sparkle!

or aliens adorable

or werewolves hunky


pretty pirates

charismatic skeletons

funny Frankenstein Monsters

friendly freakin’ ghosts

I mean, could you imagine?


27 comments on “Since When Did Monsters Get So Pretty?

  1. fishducky says:

    WOW!! I see why women don’t fight off these new vampires!

  2. So true! But.. I do like Eric from True Blood. Totally based on his character of course. 😉

  3. Normally I’m not into furry guys, but that werewolf is a fine piece of work. Just sayin. *Arrrooooo*

  4. 44314luna says:

    LOL hilarious! I love this.

  5. Alex, freaking, Skaarsgard (or however the eff you spell that). Mmmm. I don’t mind pretty vamps at all. Oh, hell, I need to go to bed. Hahaha. Midnight makes me looney, like that hunky freaking werewolf. Yumm!

  6. emmiemears says:

    Love this. Especially the arrow pointing to Skaarsgard’s waist that just says, “WHAT”


  7. staceyfonas says:

    Yeah, the arrow with the WHAT is brilliant. Too funny.

  8. Yummy. I mean what else would lure us women in?

    And who couldn’t love Stitch?

  9. For sure, it’s a shame what has happened to monsters… generic Hollywood imagery!

  10. Check out this horror docu, it’s very good. See some great older horror footage – fascinating things about the genre.

  11. I’ll take the pirate please 🙂

  12. I’ll take the werewolf please 🙂 I’m all for making monsters pretty,
    as long as they are going to turn out like this!

  13. Perhaps it’s adaptation. Survival of the fittest. Lure people in by being sexy, charismatic, funny, etc and then BAM you can rip their faces off, and they’d never see it coming.

  14. eliaSamuels says:

    Beauty is not the equivalent for good.
    Being a monster is as hot as being a Football player or a cheerleader.

  15. Tara Fly says:

    ROFL! Having never read the Twilight series (or seen the films ~ thank God!) I’ve always assumed that the vampires’ “sparkle” was a metaphor for their beautification by Hollywood.

    But when a friend told me, just two weeks ago, that Edward actually SPARKLES in the sunlight… seriously… I lost my last shred of respect for the author. I will never read those books. 😛

  16. To be fair… female monsters have always been pretty (not all of them, but most) as a seductive way to lure in their prey… it’s just now starting to be transferred to their male counter-parts. The difference is that these “pretty” males are pretty AND nice, while the “pretty” female monsters tend to be sexy and EVIL, a theme dating back to the evil women of the bible (think, Jezebel, Salome and her evil queen mother, Eve, etc.)

  17. Joshua says:

    Next thing you know zombies won’t be decaying flesh, they’ll just be mindless and beautiful, shimmering in the sunlight.

  18. melynda says:

    Since I am married but not dead yet, I’m going to drool all over my monitor and when Phil comes home tell him it’s your fault for posting all those pictures of um monsters to scare me. Naughty boy! lol Loved your interview with Paige. As usual you are a rock star. Love your face

  19. Elisa says:

    LOL! Those are definitely some different vamps from the ones of the past :0)

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  21. AG says:

    Thanks, everyone, your comments had me rolling!

    And I just want to point out thaaat this blog post has had the most comments of any Halloween Week post.

    Just saying.

  22. Adeel Salman says:

    hahahahah this was brilliant…. great post….

  23. julie f says:

    Normally I’m not a dog person, too much slobber and hair and leg humping. But if that’s what werewolves look like, I could learn to love all of those things.

  24. Marcie says:

    Your creativity is absolutely amazing! I love it!

  25. […] and find something shimmering and mystical. They love the supernatural and know that while they evolve, vampires don’t go out of style. They don’t mind getting messy because they know life […]

  26. zencherry says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t make it past the vampire with the blond hair. Sorry about that, what were you saying? 😉

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