Halloween Questions!

Hey guys, I want to know:

What are YOU gonna be for Halloween?

And help me decide what I should be! Vote in the polls and see what the results are!




17 comments on “Halloween Questions!

  1. you should be a famous regected riter! or a regected painter, like van gogh 🙂

    • Marcie says:

      I agree with Lizzie. Show us what a regected riter really looks like. Hang copies of some of your work from your outfit. Be sure to have pens or other writing utensils from every pocket…

      On second thought, show us how you will look once you’re published. Have a big happy face, a few pages of your work with a cover that reads “Award winning….” And make a paper trophy to show award winning.

  2. You should be Flo from Progressive.

  3. fishducky says:

    I don’t know what I’m going to wear but my husband told me he’s going as a grumpy old man. I asked him what he was going to wear & he said, “My blue shirt.” Works for me.

  4. Heidi Hall says:

    Last year I made my husband a voodoo doll costume… turned out awesome. This year he’s going to be Dexter ;). I’m always a witch because I love the hats! Have fun!!!


  5. After I voted in the second poll I wanted to go back and change my vote, give witches some love 🙂

  6. Eirien says:

    We do celebrate. Candy AND tricks. Because Halloween isn’t fun if it’s all just treats. 🙂

    Hubby is going as a RingWraith/Nazgul from LoTR again: We darken the entryway with black garbage bags and no lights inside. When they ring the bell, he opens the door in complete silence and just stares at them with the candy in his hands. It was enough last year to terrify a good lot of them into running to their parents.

    Me…I gave up on a costume this year. I had so many ideas I -could- have gone for, but pushed it all to last minute holding out for Fan Art inspirations. (eg, waiting for the Pally tier 13 WoW set to come out, only to find it looked hilariously bad. Oh well.)

    Suffice to say I’ll be working on next year’s costume soon. IF I decide not to wear it I can at least gift or sell it. And a whole year’s time means I can throw in as much detail as I want.

    Good luck with choosing your costume! 🙂

  7. Elisa says:

    This is the best idea ever! Good luck :0) I hope you’ll post pictures.

  8. chickymara says:

    I was already a Chonga prom queen. So, now I’m going to be the fat lady that eats all the candy with the lights out.

  9. emmiemears says:

    I’ve had about three hundred bajillion people tell me I should be Jessica from True Blood, but I dug in my heels and there is now a furrow of dirt, carpet, and concrete stretching back to last October behind me.

    I might get creative with body paint this year. We have these vine lights left over from our wedding, and i might tangle them up my arms and be some sort of woodland sprite. Depends how risque I decide to get. My husband votes for “very.” I’m as yet undecided. I might be LeeLoo from the Fifth Element otherwise….though her strategically placed tape isn’t exactly G rated either.

  10. I happened to see this blog on the WordPress front page, and after a brief perusal would like to report that you, AG, are full of win and awesome. I recently acquired a Master’s Degree of my own, hoping to escape the education industry thereby. No luck yet. So I write a blog complaining about it instead.

    Keep swimming. All will turn out right.

    BTW, I picked tired. The wife and I used to be That Couple With the Matching Costumes (our triumph: 2008’s Amy Winehouse and Cocaine), but I have lost the zest for Halloween.

  11. We’re dressing my daughter up as a pirate, and she said “Mommy, too” so…
    (The costumes also doubled at the PA Ren Faire)

  12. For Halloween I will be: in my apartment with my bowl of candy to give to the one trick-or-treater that comes every year.

    I will also be watching Monday Night Football. 😀

    That is what I will be.

  13. I don’t know if it shows what I typed up there, but I’m 100 percent behind you going as Mark Wahlberg from The Happening. You can wear whatever you want, look over your shoulder and just start spontaneously running.

  14. zencherry says:

    Must do impersonation of your ex-boss. You know, to honor her efforts at making life wonderful. 😉

  15. […] forget to click here vote to help me decide what costume I’ll be wearing on Halloween! I’ll be dressing up like the losers throughout the week, with the big reveal next Monday.  […]

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