What My Dad Taught Me About Regection

Today’s my Dad’s birthday! He’s multiple years old.

My Dad is awesome.  Here’s a picture:

You can automatically tell he’s awesome because he has an awesome mustache.

But there are other reasons, too.

Every time I receive a rejection letter, I tell my dad.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Well, got another rejection

Dad: What for

Me: The ten minute one act play festival fellowship contest that I kinda sorta really wanted.

Dad: Good


Dad: Don’t do that

Me: Fine.

Dad: What you gotta do is find a place for all those rejection letters and put them somewhere special.

So, after about 20 conversations like that, I made a special little  rejection folder in my e-mail that would get fuller and fuller by the day. I would contemplate deleting all of them in one fit of electronic rage, but would always decide against it at the last minute because of Daddy’s words in my ears, telling me to save them and put them somewhere special.

SO, I decided to keep them on a blog.

And it’s all because of my Dad.

Happy birthday, Daddy!  Thank you for making me realize failure is not being told no, it’s when you stop trying.


17 comments on “What My Dad Taught Me About Regection

  1. Happy birthday to your dad and thank him from me. His wise advice means we get to read this blog 🙂

  2. Crystal says:

    Awww, that’s awesome. Happy birthday to your dad, and tell him I also thank him for inspiring you to start this blog! 😉

  3. I met a writer who happily collected hers–she called it her Rejection Collection. 🙂 Staying positive is important and having supportive people like your dad!

  4. Adeel Salman says:

    Happy Birthday to your awesome dad. Your dad certainly is a wise man. both of you are lucky to have each other….

  5. Liz says:

    My Dad has the same mustache.

  6. Great advice. I’m a sucker for Dad stories since I have 4 kids. Roll on fellow #Zweep!

  7. Great post. Angst and humor. Love it! And love your Dad.

  8. Bren says:

    Your dad is quite the looker! 😉

  9. Maureen says:

    Happy Birthday to your dad. May he always have an awesome mustache.

  10. melynda says:

    I have to say you are quickly becoming one of my favorites. I’m pretty stinking picky (and sarcastic most of the time) so consider this a stinking compliment. haha I not only love that you gave your stick figure Dad an awesome stache but the whole thing had me giggling. I think he wants you to keep those so when you get an approval you can thumb your nose at all the retards that rejected you. Keep trying, don’t give up. You would probably make a lousy Janitor. haha

  11. April Denton says:

    Happy Birthday Papa Stickman, oh you raised a good son! Don’t ever give up AG, all things worthwhile are worth going to hell and back for. All of your perseverance, wit and kindness will pay off big time.

  12. Brinda says:

    Your dad’s mustache does make him AWESOME, and he’s in really good shape for a man of multiple years. Happy birthday to him and kudos to you for taking his advice.

  13. “I would contemplate deleting all of them in one fit of electronic rage…” LOL you sound like me. I started a “rejection” email folder, as well. I’m reading “On Writing” by Stephen King, and he says he stuck them on a nail on his wall. Glad you blog about yours, makes me feel like I’m not the only one!

  14. Harnew says:

    ” . . . failure is not being told no, it’s when you stop trying.” Quote of the day. Happy birthday papa!

  15. I hope your Dad had a great birthday! I see where you get your great looks from. 🙂 The last line says it all. I hope you never stop trying.

  16. Sounds like one awesome dad. For sure.

  17. […] Inspired by the blog reGection What my dad taught me about regection […]

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