This is what I did on my vacay…


Thanks again to Paige for writing an awesome guest blog.

She allowed this to happen.


Don’t worry, it’s orange juice in that glass.

More regection, coming soon!



6 comments on “This is what I did on my vacay…

  1. Elisa says:

    LOL! Orange juice and . . . vodka? 🙂

  2. Crystal says:

    Sure, sure, AG! I’m with Elisa – that OJ has a little somethin’ somethin’ added to it! Lol… 😉

    PS: Just wanted to thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I think you are also one of the sweetest, most supportive and fearless writers I’ve come across on the Interwebz.

  3. Liz says:

    Uh huh. Orange juice and what?

  4. I’m disappointed I gave you the day off and you didn’t even make that into a Screwdriver…;)

  5. AG says:

    All right, ladies you got me.
    There was a slice of lime in that orange juice.
    And tequilla.
    WHAT It’s a morning drink!

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