An amazing, amazing thing happened.

I have been officially rendered speechless.

Yes, yes I have.

I have been awarded FOUR AWARDS!  The Irresistibly Sweet award by Isis Rushdan and Julie Fedderson, which makes me blush and look shyly away into the distance:

And the Versatile Blog award by the same wonderful ladies; an award that makes me want to go dancing in outerspace:

I am so honored to receive these awards by these two wonderful ladies – I highly recommend both of their blogs.

Isis Rushdan is a madd tight writer who always has something interesting to say and reviews movies and books.  She is honestly one of the most natural writers I have read; her writing is fluid and appears effortless; clearly not only a sign of talent, but a hard worker.

(I’m sorry for the poor construction of that sentence, please forgive me, Isis)

Julie Fedderson always has something funny and witty to say- she makes me laugh and then makes me think, which is an awesome combo.  Her posts are full of passion; you can feel the fire of her soul at the seed of each post.


OKAY!  So this time, I was totally prepared to take my picture upon receiving these awards, I even dressed for it:

WHAT! Nobody told me I had something in my teeth…crap…

Well anyway, to quote the man behind the mask “With great power comes great responsiblity” aka there are rules to these here awards!  And I am so excited because I get to pass them on to FIVE MORE BLOGGERS! ::cartwheels::


The rules are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you CHECK THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
2. Share seven random facts about you
3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers



1. I love showtunes. I KNOW RIGHT but yeah, I do.  And right now I cannot stop listening to Follies and Memphis.


2. Something that inexplicably freaks me the frick out?  Giant Bunnies.  No.  Just no.  THEY FREAK ME OUT AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND.  Also, yes, the idea of the Easter Bunny scared me so much, my parents had to tell me he wasn’t real when I was five.  Like I really was expected to believe THAT.

3. In public, I am actually painfully and irritatingly shy.  Yes. YES I KNOW but it’s true.  When people are like Yo, sup I’m like TONGUE NO WORK and then they’re like Do you need a doctor and I’m like GIANT BUNNY SCARE-Y and then they run away screaming for the police and I have to go running in the opposite direction, it’s a mess.

4. I take my coffee and my tea black. And I also drink both of them equally.  And every morning I wake up, make myself coffee before I leave the house…then I will sometimes buy a tea on my way to work and then make coffee for the office, as that is in my job description…and every time I buy a tea, the dialogue between me and my boss goes a bit like this:

BossMa’Am: What are you drinking?

AG: Tea

BossMa’Am: You don’t drink coffee?

AG: Nono, I drink coffee, too, like the coffee I make and drink in the office every single day, even after I drink my delicious tea.

BossMa’Am: Oh. I only drank tea when I had menstrual cramps

My boss just celebrated her 85th birthday, God love her.

5. I take the subway to work everyday and it takes an hour to and from, so I WRITE THE ENTIRE TIME otherwise I would actually go insane.  I call it a Subway Fellowship.  It’s great how I fool myself.  But I do get a lot of writing done, which is really great.  And I totally encourage people to pick up the pen if it seems like they have nothing else to do in their spare time.

6. My imagination is wild, so I’m never really bored.  I get frustrated sometimes that I can’t write exactly what my imagination is telling me, which is why I think I’m best as a playwright; because you can work with a director to have your vision come to life on stage.

7.  I really care about people achieving and reaching their dreams and goals.  If I could buy every single book any of my friends has ever written, I would.  I would throw money at them like freakin CONFETTI if I could.  I want my friends to do well and believe that there is enough room in this pond of writing and theater for us all to make a splash, so I will promote you to the bitter end and never feel jealousy or animosity for someone who is achieving their dreams.  There is no such thing as competition; the only competition you should be in is the one with yourself.


So in the spirit of the Versatile nature of the awards, I chose bloggers who really go out of their way to make their blog different everyday, and cover a range of topics and do a lot of things.

Also, Five Strong Women! YES.

In no particular order:

April Denton: How can I not?  She does writer quotes everyday, writes poetry, has compiled an army of zombies, writes stories; basically she isn’t afraid to write whatever she wants whenever she wants and I think that’s not only admirable, but inspirational.

Tinkerbelle: I never know what to expect when I read her blog; she can make even the most mundane seeming day into an adventure.  She truly is a tinkerbell on earth, spreading sunshine and cheer.  She isn’t afraid to be herself and that is quite refreshing.

Saronai: This lady never ceases to amaze me.  She write fantasy in a way that makes me believe it exists, whether it be a poem, a story, or just showing that there is magic in everyday life.

Merry Farmer: I just discovered Merry Farmer and I gotta say, she is amazing.  She is not only an interesting writer, but a brave one, unafraid to share her opinion in a way that commands your attention.  And also, Medieval Monday. Done deal.

Rhiannon Paille: Just entering her blog page is an experience, but her writing is out of this world.  Visit her and see what I mean.

Well youse, CONGRATS on your awesome awards, and don’t forget to follow the rules and keep being awesome.


15 comments on “HOLY CROW!

  1. Aw! Thank you! Haha, my blog is an experience, yes, let me lure you into my world . . . you’ll need a boat, some fog and the magic words. Think you can survive the trip to Avristar?

    Love the interesting things about you, and frankly, I’m an award free zone, but I MIGHT put this one up because it’s YOU and I like you 😉 (not in a creepy way though . . . )

  2. Congrats on your awards!….and sorry about the giant bunny thing. That’s rough..

  3. I was literally laughing out loud as I read this. Happy I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

  4. Saronai says:

    Once again you had me laughing several times throughout your post, enjoyable even if I didn’t have a reward waiting at the end of it 😀

    Also, we share a lot in common. I particularly love your #7 I hear far too often the claim that most people, particularly other writers and artists will congratulate you to your face while harboring secret jealousies. I feel the exact same as you about it, and pity those that have happy empathy sharing vibes tainted by negative emotions like jealousy. I just can’t help it, makes me so happy.

    I’m not scared of giant bunnies though.

    Thanks for the awards!

  5. I don’t dislike bunnies but I think the one in the picture would freak even me!

  6. Congratulations on the awards. Well deserved for what is a brilliant and entertaining blog, for which I thank you. On a more sinsiter note isn’t that rabbit one of the four bunnies of the apocalypse?

  7. just come across this. thank you!! such kind words x

  8. Adeel Salman says:

    LOVE IT….. you are one word ‘BRILLIANT’

  9. AG says:

    Thank you all for the congrats – and for the empathy of the bunny fear ::sigh::

  10. Brinda says:

    I’m in love with your blog. I need a great deal of humor in my day and you have made the “MUST READ” list, so I thank you.

  11. Crystal says:

    OMG, you’re tongue-tied IRL too??? So am I!!! And there is NO shame in liking show tunes! I have on my iPod the soundtracks to Anything Goes (that was the play I was in at 12 – I got to sing “Blow Gabriel Blow”!!), Phantom and Les Miz!!

    While I don’t share your fear of gi-normous bunny rabbits, I do sympathize – Easter must’ve been terrifying for you until you learned the bunny wasn’t real!

  12. julie f says:

    Thank you for such kind words! And here I thought that fire I felt was just the beginning of menopause. I love show tunes, too. My absolute fave show is Pippin, because Ben Vereen was made of awesome in it. And that is the biggest freaking rabbit I have ever seen. It’s like that Wallace and Gromit cartoon came to life. Clearly I made an excellent choice for some bloggy love, because this list just makes me want to know more about you. Your humor is exactly what I needed today!

  13. Liz says:

    So super stoked to receive these awards alongside someone as hilarious as yourself! PS that bunny is SCARY HUGE!!!

  14. Elisa says:

    Congratulations–and I agree, giants bunnies are not good. I wonder who would win in a battle between giant bunnies and aliens. Probably the bunnies!

  15. […] I got 2 pairs of additional blog awards.  The Versatile and Irresistibly Sweet Blog awards from AG at Regected Riter and Emmy at Overcoming Her […]

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