10 comments on “#10

  1. Hi there! I thought I’d drop a note to show some solidarity. Nice to see that other witty intelligent and just plain clever people are having the same kind of times as me. Here read this http://richardwiseman.blogspot.com/ it’s my comment on how e-publishing hasn’t changed anything for aspiring writers and no I’m not trying to sell anything. I just want put it out there that some of us are too well mannered to go ‘bugging'(Bugging: the act of repeatedly advertising your novel/ writing on social media to the exclusion of listening to other people or even bothering to engage with their writing and work – see blog for full explanation). Anyway I’ll be reading your blog and back log too, because I like a good laugh and a witty word. Take care my rejected comrade, for here comes the postman and he’s ringing the bell once to hand me back the manuscript!

  2. I’m sorry you got knocked back, but I’ll admit this did make me laugh. So there’s that 😉

  3. Elisa says:

    You make me laugh EVERY DAY! Seriously. Plus, I LOVE the word fancy–best word ever :0)

  4. Adeel Salman says:

    EXCELLENT… i see the image editing skills have been added to the repertoire of brilliance

  5. As I said on Twitter, I had better get used to reading these. Thanks for sharing and here’s to a “yes” xxx

  6. Liz says:

    I really REALLY wish I knew the real names of these theater companies. Another genius post!

  7. Just received my first rejection letter. I finally feel like a real writer. (Shhh! I’m looking on the bright side.)

  8. clara54 says:

    Back when I tried my hand at being a playwright, one theatre company rejected my play, saying I had merit…I read that “merit” phrase countless times and now, I get it…I’m no playwright! Love your witty-ways!


  9. Crystal says:

    Another slice of awesomeness… 😉

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