Hello AG!

Thank you for your lackluster play submission for the 1st Semi-Annual Truffle Hunt for a  New Play Festival. We have received over 200 plays for this festival alone and are not really excited to pretend to read your work.

On July 11th we will be announcing the plays which will receive staged readings in the Random Abandoned Warehouse we found in Brooklyn, New York.  Our Artistic Director lives there. The performances will take place August 30th through September 4th and will showcase new writers, directors and actors aka our friends, some family and other people who owe us favors.
We’re not very excited to go through your submission and encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we will make the announcement of the chosen plays instead of having an intern send out a mailing merge with the results. This is our way to get people to Like our Facebook page and make it look like we have an impressive following, but really, it’s just that over 200 people are liking it to find out if they won this crappy contest. 
Evil geniuses?
Evil geniuses.
Regardless of the predictable outcome, stay tuned as we will be announcing details of some other crappy opportunities for writers and directors, and two Falling into Fall and Wishing it Weren’t Winter festivals we may or may not have planned.  At least we’re consistent.
Art C. Pantz

2 comments on “#6

  1. Hi AG
    Funny, funny, funny and way too sad for those of us who have gotten those letters. Way to go.
    I was looking to learn something about you. Did you forget to put an about section or are you resettled with a new identity by the CIA and don’t want to reveal any details. Ha Ha.

  2. Isis Rushdan says:

    Just gave you an honorable mention award on my blog. Swing by for details.

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