(No Greeting)

Thank you for submitting to the BigScaryTheatreCompany! We have received your submission, Yeah Keep Dreaming, and will contact you if we have any questions like Did you really think this would work out well for you? or Why did you submit to a theatre company that has an actual reputation when you have a resume as thin as a politician’s alibi? Or, you know, anything else regarding your play.

Due to the voluptuous volume of plays received, we are not able to give feedback on individual submissions, especially by those whose names that are not even on our radar. How did you get this number?

On the off chance every playwright pulls out or the Apocalypse happens and your play is selected for the Out of Your League season or You’ll Never Amount to Anything Festival, you will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in the BigScaryTheatreCompany!

No closing,

Mister Kilburn


2 comments on “#4

  1. Crystal says:

    Oh, man, that’s the thing that really gets me about the form rejection. I’ve made it a policy now to ask for feedback, and I hate it when they use that “oh, sorry, due to the millions and billions of submission we receive” excuse for not helping me out.

    Also? I think I love this site! 😉

  2. Adeel Salman says:

    well composed… i like how you switch from the frivolous to the grave! wonderful work

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