Dear Ga, (the bastards spelled my name wrong),
Thank you so very much for your submission of  You Didn’t Stand a Chance for the CrappySchoolProject series. We had a lot of ideas to choose from, all of them coincidentally from our friends and people we want to bang. At this time, we have chosen 5 other plays that really hit upon the theme for this particular event, or whom we really want to have some sex with. We hope that you will submit again for our next workshop series which we’ll never actually put together because we’re too busy with the drama in our own lives to make theatre!
Thanks again,
No, really, thanks,
What was I doing again?

2 comments on “#3

  1. Adeel Salman says:

    Loved this one even more.,,
    the politics that has taken the arts in tis firm grip has actually sidelined the ‘artist’… todays world is all about marketing, commercial worth and sellability of your product… sadly an artist is not a businessman…
    well written… and i hope the morons who think they are good enough to judge and select artists read this…

  2. Isis Rushdan says:

    These posts are hilarious!!

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